The Agrodanieli Group is aware of the importance of sustainability. Therefore continuously seeks technologies aimed at preserving the environment and improve the quality of life for this and future generations.

There is a concern of the company to reuse and reuse of raw materials. For example, waste generated in the processes which are reused for the production of by-products.

All water used in the industrial process Agrodanieli Group goes through wastewater treatment plants to after being released in the receiving body.

Non-hazardous solid waste generated are sent for recycling. The remaining waste is sent to landfills, in order to avoid disposal in inappropriate places.

One of the future goals is reuse of the treated effluent in some industrial processes to reduce the volume of effluent released and reduced water consumption. Besides this project, there is the reforestation, which provides for the replacement of raw materials in the supply of energy.

Currently, all our units operate with environmental permits.