Grain Receiving Unit

Agrodanieli works with several Grain Receiving Units, distributed all along the region in strategic places. This was thought to provide better assistance to producers and farmers. These Units are responsible for receiving the grains, that later will be transformed in oil, bran and animal feed for commercialization. The Units are also accountable in meeting the demand of the entire company´s poultry chain. Check out below some more information about each Receiveing Unit:


AgrodanieliInd e Com Ltda (Branch Água Santa)

Av Porto Alegre, 1756 – Água Santa/RS

Zip Code: 99965-000

Phone number: (54) 3348-1044


AgrodanieliInd e Com Ltda (Branch Tapejara)

Rua LeorindoCavichioli, 155 – Tapejara/RS

Zip Code: 99950-000

Phone number: (54) 3344-1620


AgrodanieliInd e Com Ltda (Branch Rio do Peixe)

Rod. RS 463 Km 19 – Vila Lângaro/RS

Zip Code: 99955-000

Phone number: (54) 3344-4236


AgrodanieliInd e Com Ltda (Branch Sertão)

RS 135 Km 38 – Sertão/RS

Zip Code: 99170-000

Phone number: (54) 3345-1282


AgrodanieliInd e Com Ltda (São DomingosIndustry)

Linha São Domingos RST 463 Km 05 – Tapejara/RS

Zip Code: 99950-000

Phone number: (54) 3344-4270

Danieli Alimentos

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Neorgan Organomineral Fertilizers

The Danieli Group has a modern composting industry using biocomposters, which allow accelerating the development of microorganisms, making the maturation of the organic compost take place in a shorter time and the final product is an organic fertilizer with the quality that the rural producer needs. Recently the factory went through a major restructuring in order to launch organomineral fertilizer on the market, which takes advantage of the result of the previous process combined with mineral source supplements, making this fertilizer better use the soil, more profitable and lowering costs for various planting crops.

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Soybean Oil and Meal Extraction

With a modern and large extraction station, the branch operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a crushing capacity of 600 tons/day. The products from there are destined for the large national industries in the sector.