About The Group

The Agrodanieli Group emerged in 1990, with a solid experience of its founders in the commercialization of grain since 1984. Since then, operates in the grain segment, inputs, soybean processing, chicken feed, poultry and grocery segment - from production to commercialization. Its products are distributed in domestic and international market.

Its growth is driven by two main objectives: to transform grains in prime meats and be recognized in the market for the competitiveness and quality of its products.

It has a growing number of direct employees in continuous improvement. Thinking about the quality of life and well-being of its employees, the Agrodanieli Group allowed the construction of housing, homes and apartments with all the necessary infrastructure for the comfort of its employees. It also provides a working environment with quality of life practices combined with activities for its staff.

With grain receiving units distributed in the region has a discharge structure of up to 5,000 tonnes / day and a static storage of 135,000 tons.

Agrodanieli products are marketed under the brand Danieli Foods. These products reach the consumer in the form of cuts, frozen and chilled whole chickens , in different forms of presentation, adding more value and quality to these noble food.