About The Group

The Danieli Group was created in 1990, with the solid experience of its founders in the commercialization of grains since 1984. Since then, it has been operating in the grain, fertilizer, soybean industrialization, feed, poultry farming, pig slaughtering, supermarkets, cash and carry, construction companies segment. and gas stations. Moving, through its business, the economy in the northeast region of Rio Grande do Sul.

In 2021, after 31 years, it gave up its poultry slaughterhouse operations and began focusing on other existing businesses and also planning a future of many changes within the world of agribusiness. Among them is the bold project for the new organomineral fertilizer factory.

Thinking about the quality of life and well-being of its employees, the Danieli Group enabled the construction of housing with all the necessary infrastructure for the comfort of its employees. It also provides a work environment with quality of life practices combined with activities for its staff.

It has grain receiving units distributed throughout the region, has an unloading structure of up to 5,000 tons/day and static storage of 60,000 tons.